5 queries where Google failed

What do you mean by “failed” ?

It means I have found better results in another search engine

Which search engine you have compared with ?

Searal. I have compared my results with Searal and Google

Ok, I see. Where are the queries ?

Here it is. Decide yourself

  1. good place to eat dinner? – I have found a direct place name in search engine searal, according to my location. Google just sends me to another url .
  2. JBAS014688: Wrong type for max-threads. Expected [EXPRESSION, INT] but was OBJECT – Yahoo and DuckDuckgo has better results. And google has not even understood the query.
  3. 2013 Nobel prize winner – Before finalizing your answer, check out the results in DuckDuckGo tab at searal.com. DuckDuckgo is providing live results.
  4. Unknown lifecycle phase “checkout”. You must specify a valid lifecycle phase or a goal in the format <plugin-prefix>:<goal>  – Google failed completely here. I have found results in bing search.
  5. Remote EJB communication cluster hangs with load – Now if you cannot provide answers to this query. Then what is your use ?

I have never thought that i could get better results in Searal. How is this possible ?

You are not the only one. I have changed my default search engine to searal and I am able to find relevant solution quite early. Many people just believe that Google is a mirror of internet. Whatever Google is displaying is correct and is a final answer. But above stuff proves this wrong. There is a world beyond google, and that is better than it.

Should I salute you ?

Three Salutes to Yahoo , Bing and DuckDuckgo Or one salute to Searal !