5 Exciting new features of KickBorn Plus

Pleasant announcement from “KickBorn Plus” version and free subscription of KickBorn Plus.
Checkout the Exciting latest features of KickBorn Plus –
  • KB has a feature to listen in background and activate the application even in night when your phone is lying on another corner, Just say “hello  white” and KB application will activate and ready to serve you.

Screenshot_2015-02-27-17-57-23 (1)

  • Speak –   “Play music justin” and KB will play music on your phone or say “Play music” for random playing
  • Speak –    “Call  John” anytime and KB will make your call in phone, when you are  driving or phone is out of your reach
  • Speak –    “Navigate to Eiffel tower,Paris” and here you go, Navigation started on your phone to your desired location
  • Speak –    “Take a photo” and KB will click a  photo for  you and exit the camera
  • Speak –    “What is the height of Mount Everest”  and KB will provide you correct answer
  • Speak any general knowledge question and KB will give you concise answer
  • KB maintain your daily activity by keeping pending tasks list.He knows what tasks are pending of you and what tasks you have done.
  • KB has feature of location reminder, as soon as enter/reach at location, KB will remind you.
Its all free for old KB usersDownload link-  http://goo.gl/VmfgEw

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