Smart Search

Searal has added some of the cool features in the search platform.

One can call it simple smart results or artificial intelligence in selecting the right website.

So Lets have a look , how you can use it –

  • Price – When you will query “Cost of Iphone5” or “Price of Rolex watch” or “How much it will cost to buy a Samsung S4“. Automatically searal will show you the result of Amazon, because it knows you want to search about the price. No other search engine does that today.

See the screenshot –


  • Flight details  – Search for any flight and see the satellite view of your flight. How ? , Simply search for “flight  SG108” and you get current flight status of the flight and that is also full page result. Check out these recently added simple but useful feature. Adding screenshot


  • Location –  Searal knows that you are searching for a location, type any city / state / country , like London , Paris , Vallingby , Hasselby gard, Delhi , Nice , Moscow . Searal will find it is a location and will open up Maps with location already searched for it. So that you can enjoy reading the details of Location + in the maps you can search for directions. Cool and efficient feature for one. Screenshot time –


  • Weather – Very common and simple feature.  simple type “weather” and you get full page weather details of the Current location automatically , no need to type any location. Simple and easy to view the results. Or if you want to type “Will it rain tomorrow” or “forecast in Paris” , you get result what you want. Screenshot please –


  •  More smartness – Choose your own search engine type and searal will open the website automatically.

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