Master of your search engine

We already know that Searal has a capability to provide better results than Google.

Mike – Yes I thought it is a lie, but after I read this article (Link) . I am agree in someway

But I am here to tell you about a revolution in the search engine –


Searal is changing the way we search today .

Searal is providing you  a platform where you can choose your own search engine.

Mike – Crazy shit, I do not know anything about search engines. 

It is very easy, Searal has already added the best options by default. But everyone has their own best websites. So one can configure Searal their own way.

Mike – Give me an example.

Take a case of Prices – 

Like you need to buy Samsung 4s – So if you search in Searal for  “Buy Samsung S4” or  “Cost of Samsung S4” or any such query. By default you see Ebay in the last tab, where you can easily see the live prices on the Samsung 4s + latest news on the Samsung 4s.

Mike – I like to search for price on Amazon.

Sure you can change settings at top header. And then searal will provide you results of prices from Samsung 4s from Amazon. Follow this link to see live

Mike – Great, I like the idea. But can you add more websites.

Yes, please add your favorite websites in the comments and Searal will provide them as an option also.

Mike – I will configure my own search engine. Thanks searal, it is awesome work !!!