Videos universe

Today if i ask you,  where is the “videos universe” ?

Probably, your answer will be “Youtube” or “Dailymotion” or some other ….

NO, because everybody like me, do not care single website like YouTube/Dailymotion. What we care is a single page access to all these “video universe” , Isn’t ?

So where is that PAGE ? Where we can search query from all videos of all major platforms ?

Searal (search all) – where you can browse/ watch videos from all major video providers.


OK , So what should I do ?

Enjoy ! We can browse more relevant videos now. We have access to more and more videos.

Compare it yourself – Searal versus Youtube

Query – “awesome people” on youtube , searal. Attaching screenshot, Please provide your feedback as comments –

Youtube – Image

Searal – searal