Searal as default search engine


Adding Searal search platform to Google Chrome

  • Go to Settings by clicking on Right hand side button
  • In Settings page, click on “Manage Search engine” link as shown in figure – settings
  • Click on Add new Search engine , and fill following settings –
  • Give name – “Searal Search” , Url – ‘ ‘ search
  • Finally click on ‘Make Default’ to make Searal as your default search engine in Google Chrome.

Why I fired Google

One of the examples I am showing up here is that why I am using Searal now and fired google search from my browser –

I was looking for the solution for this query “JBAS014688: Wrong type for max-threads. Expected [EXPRESSION, INT] but was OBJECT

And check out what is google results –


And then I have searched on Searal which is saying that it provides relevant results quicker –


Searal is a simple idea, but I think it definitely provides better results and solve the purpose. Not even that before this I only see what google wants me to see. But now I can independently see different results from different search engines. And then I can choose to best from it. This is one of the proofs.