Searal – Parallel search

Searal  I am using Searal for web searching and replaced it with Google.

With Searal one can see and explore more stuff now. Not even faster, it is providing me relevant results  +++ I have results which are different than other users.

So what is Searal ?

Searal is a very simple approach to get more relevant results/website for your query. Right now Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckgo are a part of searal. Only after using searal I have realized that there is something better on the web which I have missed altogether.

So what is different ?

– More results with same query – Single query and I have more relevant results.

– Find the answer quicker – As I can see more relevant results . I can choose the best one.

– Different prospective – Today everyone use Google, But searal provide me platform to see the world in a different prospective. I am not dependent on Google now.

– Power of Three – Searal includes top web search engines Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo. Not alone but together they are better than Google, I believe.